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Dr. Mike Reilly, MD

Dr. Reilly grew up in St. Petersburg, FL and is the oldest of eight children. The Reillys are a tight-knit family and all of the siblings still live in St. Petersburg today. Dr. Reilly and his wife, Jennifer, have six sons ages 13 to 22, two of which are studying medicine.

Dr. Reilly understands the unique value in a family medicine practice. In his 42 years of experience, he’s taken care of thousands of people, from their birth to end of life. He provides all the benefits of a concierge physician without any extra cost. Same or next-day appointments are usually available, phone calls are returned immediately, and he is one of the few primary care doctors that visits his patients in the hospital. He truly cares. Dr. Reilly is dedicated to his work and enjoys building lifelong relationships with clients.

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Dr. Mike Reilly offers Family, Adolescent, Sports, and Geriatric Medicine to the greater St. Petersburg area. With over 20 years of experience serving his community, he has created a culture of excellent care and personalized service that distinguishes his practice from other providers.

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