Jul 17, 2023

How I fell in love with medicine

I love my career as a medical doctor. I particularly enjoy my focus on family medicine, as it allows me to deliver positive, tangible results to people. Whether my patient is a professional athlete or any other of my patients, it matters deeply to me that my care improves their lives. any other or my patients.

Being a doctor isn’t always easy. There are long hours, sad diagnoses, and paperwork. The financial rewards are substantial but for many people they’re not enough to justify the mental and physical workload. So why do many doctors still enjoy practicing medicine? For some it’s a family tradition and for others it’s a passion.

For me, it was more of a gradual path that led to a career filled with purpose. I always enjoyed science in school and my father and sister were both doctors. They provided me with background knowledge of the field and good support as I became interested in pursuing it as a career.

As a college athlete, I became interested in anatomy and physiology. Learning the science of the human body helped me understand how to become a better athlete. That interest sparked my passion for helping others and led me to medical school. I still find opportunities each day to use my medical knowledge to help someone become the healthiest version of themselves.

The kind of connection that builds is unlike any other.

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