Jul 17, 2023

Raising boys, raising men

My wife Jennifer and I have six sons, ranging in age from thirteen to twenty-two. I am from a big family myself, with seven younger brothers and sisters, so I am no stranger to a house full of rambunctious boys. It is a joy to watch them grow up, and I hope as they mature they will share the same warm relationship my siblings and I do. My sons will keep me motivated and working as long as my mind stays sharp. I would love for one of them to take over my medical practice, just as I followed my father into the profession.

The boys all stay busy with athletics, whether it’s basketball, baseball, soccer, or tennis. We are a sports family through and through! Jennifer and I have learned that keeping kids busy keeps them out of trouble, and keeps them healthy. Our kids are good at a variety of sports, though not necessarily great at any of them. We find ourselves attending at least one tennis tournament a month, and the boys all compete in the Meek and Mighty triathlon. Somehow our family is able to juggle it all. My prayer is for their Faith and active lifestyles to continue to unite the boys into adulthood just as they have done for my siblings and me.

I am proud that my children are also receiving a Catholic education as I did, with an emphasis on academic excellence along with strong Faith and a desire to serve God and others.

Our oldest graduated from St. Petersburg Catholic High school in 2018, and studied finance at Florida State University and also played club tennis. The next two oldest are in college, with one studying medicine and another on a baseball scholarship. We have two more at St.Pete Catholic now, and the youngest two are at Holy Family Catholic School. They are all becoming fine young men, and their mom and I are so proud of them.


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