Jul 17, 2023

What I learned from the Boy Scouts

In addition to my Catholic faith, my experience as a Boy Scout has instilled in me the most formative values and principles which guide my daily life. I learned many lessons as a proud member of Troop 202 at Blessed Trinity Catholic Church.

Scouting taught me the importance of making ethical and moral choices. As I sought to live by the Scout Oath and uphold the Scout Law, I realized my responsibility to be a positive example for others- someone that people looked up to for the right reasons. I take that responsibility especially seriously as a husband and father leading a family, and as a member of the medical community.

Scouting showed me the importance of service to others as well. Throughout my career I have looked for ways to give back to the community that has given so much to me. It is my privilege to serve our neighbors by volunteering at the St. Petersburg Free clinic monthly and mentoring students at local high schools and universities who are exploring medicine as a possible career. One of my accomplishments as a young man was proving myself to achieve the rank of Star Scout and become a senior patrol leader. My scouting experience was also filled with exciting and carefree times too. My troop took many camping trips to Rainbow River near Ocala, and every summer we descended upon Camp Soul for outdoor adventures. Many of my most enduring friendships, including my best friend today, date back to those experiences.

I am deeply thankful for the memories and lessons that Scouting imparted on my life, and encourage young men looking for an organization to help them gain focus and direction in their lives to consider joining a local troop.

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